The Great War

Dwarven Expansion

Thirty-five years after the barbarian uprising, Tensions between the elves and the newly emboldened Dwarves reached a boiling point. The Dwarves, making an alliance with the fledgling kingdom of Rentis, sought to expand their influence south of the mountains, and built strongholds in both Human and Elven territory. The Elves were outraged. They demanded the Dwarves immediately cease and desist, returning to their underground cities. The dwarves disregarded the elves’ demands and continued their southward expansion. As a result, several border skirmishes broke out between the elves and dwarves.

The Rentian Summit

With full-scale war threatening, King Hakkon called for a negotiation between the elven and dwarven nations. Meeting in the newly constructed palace of Rentis, the delegations began a week-long negotiaion. after five days of tense discussion, it appeared that an accord would be reached; however, that night, the leader of the elven delegation was found with a dwarven knife in his eye. The summit ended in a bloody fight that stained the floor of the great hall in Rentis a permanent shade of brownish-red.

The Elven Revenge

The Elves wasted no time in devising a devastating plot to rid them of the dwarven aggressors. The mages in the tower of Ix developed a magical plague that would specifically target dwarves and spread through their population like wildfire. The plague proved catastrophic for the dwarves. by hte time they discovered the cuase of the plague, it was too late. Two-thirds of their population had already been wiped out, and those that hadn’t already fled were soon to follow.

The War Begins

The Dwarven Prince Rokar, the sole survivor of the royal family, plead for King Hakkon to wage war against the elves. Hakkon, with the oppression of the elves firmly etched in his memory, mobilized the Human armies and marched against the elves. at first, the elves had the upper hand, their battle-mages cutting down entire companies of human soldiers, but Humans are quick to adapt and they trained their own magical strike forces to counter those of the elves.


The war raged for five years, each year more bloody than the last. until the two armies focused their entire combined might on the human city of Karsikor, each hoping to finish the war in one fell swoop. The battle dragged on for ten days, until the wizards on each side hurled magics of never-before-seen magnitude at each-other. in an instant, the city of Karsikor was nothing but a smouldering crater, and both armies were entirely wiped out.

The Peace

With both sides forces decimated, there was no choice but for a peace to be reached. In the treaty, a magical oversight group was formed, the Korsikan Enclave. it was their duty to ensure that such destructive magical warfare could never again be waged, lest the entire world eventually be consumed and all life be extinguished.

The Great War

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