The Elves of Eridur are a proud, most humans would say arrogant, race. Once the masters of the known world, their empire is now a shadow of its former glory. Many elves resent this fall from grace, and due to their long life-spans, some of the elders remember the world before the Great War.

Elves are divided into two main groups

The Wood elves of the Forrest of Arrond are generally peaceful and nature-loving; however, anyone trespassing on their land or threatening the forest is in for a fight. These elves organize themselves into clans, usually led by a druid, who is in turn guided by the Elven Druidic Enclave.

The City Elves are the residents of Elrador, the majestic Imperial City. City elves look down on their wood-elf cousins as hicks and hillbillies, turning their attentions from nature to the mysteries of the arcane arts. The great magical university in the Tower of Ix is the oldest and most prestigious in the world. Many elven adventurers are graduates or drop-outs that wield fantastic magics that bend the world to their will.


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