Current Political Climate

The 400th anniversary of the Karsikan Accord is rapidly approaching and everyone is a little tense.

The Northern Republic

The Northern Republic is doing well, but some of their debt to the Elves they accrued during the civil war is wanting to be paid.

Bands of Wizard-slayers have been roaming the Northern Republic, meeting out “justice” against those foolish enough to practice the arcane arts in the north.

With prosperity comes crime. The Family, a crime syndicate, is making is presence felt in the Northern Republic.

The Queendom of Rentis

Rentis is starting to come apart at the seams. the army, still recovering from the civil war, is unable to maintain the integrity of their borders. the frontiers are unsafe and some are questioning the competence of the current queen.


There are rumblings that the Dwarven Archaeological Society is finally gathering a force large enough to gain a foothold in the Under-cities.

The Elven Empire

The Elven empire has been quiet… too quiet.

Current Political Climate

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