The Three Realms

The Land of Eridur is divided into three nations.

The Kingdom of Rentis

The Kingdom of Rentis spans the south-eastern part of the continent. It was formed when the first King, Hakkon the Great, united the eight barbarian tribes to fight Galris the Elven Necromancer Emperor. His bloodline has ruled the land ever since. It is currently ruled by Queen Amarys IV, neice to King Morris, the Mad.

Seven minor noble houses descend from the other 7 barbarian tribes of the south.
The head of each house sits on the Queen’s council acting as her advisors and creating the laws of the land.

The Elven Empire

The Elven Empire once ruled the entire known world of Eridur. Ruled by a line of Wizard-Emperors, the elven war-machine was unstoppable, until a prolonged insurrection in the Eastern islands depleted the Elven force enough for the Human Barbarian tribes to successfully revolt and carve out a kingdom for themselves. The elves, forced to abandon their colonies and focus their attention at home, turned their war machine on the Dwarves, thus igniting the Great War.

After the War, the Elves adopted a rule by the council of three; the General of the Imperial Army; the First Wizard; and the Elder Druid. The Current Elven realm is confined to the Forest of Arrond.

The Northern Republic

The Newest of the three nations, The Northern Republic seceded from the Kingdom of Rentis in the recent Civil War. They are ruled by a Parliament of representatives from each of the seven ciies, led by a Prime Minister selected from their ranks.

Wild Territories

The Hills in the North are populated with Nomadic Barbarians that will periodically raid northern lands.

To the Far West is the Sandy Waste, a desert that stretches for many miles with no known inhabitants or resources

Exotic Lands

Across the Eastern Ocean are the mysterious lands of K’halim. Little is known about this land, but the silks and jewelry that make their way to Eridur are highly sought after.

To the South, are the Spice Islands. A land of slave-plantations that produce valuable spices.

The Three Realms

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