Notable Factions

There are many groups vying for power in Eridur, here are some of the more notable factions.

The Karsikor Enclave

The Magical oversight organization established at the end of the Great War. The Enclave has oversight of the Two Magical Universities in Eridur. They make sure that forbidden magics are not being studied. While their tower lies within the borders of The Kingdom of Rentis, the Karsikor Enclave is a self-governing body unbeholden to any of the major nations.

The Flaming Blade

The sword-arm of the Karsikor Enclave, The Flaming Blade hunts down magic-users in violation of the Karsikan Accord. Their ranks include warriors of many different strengths, from Powerful Wizards and Druids to cunning Rogues and Stalwart fighters. Each Blade swears their allegiance to the Enclave, forsaking all other allegiances and titles. In return, they receive special training to specifically combat practitioners of forbidden magics.


A Vigilante Group in the Northern Republic, Wizard-slayers specifically hunt down any and all arcane spell-casters. They view dabbling in the arcane arts as an affront to the Gods and Nature. Their ranks are filled mostly by Fighters, Clerics, Rogues and Rangers. The Wizard Slayers, as an organization, claim to be led by a rogue Captain of the Flaming Blade, but their ties to organized crime in the Northern Republic are far more evident.

The Watchers
The Secret service of the royalty of Rentis. Elite Soldiers usually taken from the Rentian Army. These elite bodyguards serve as the last line of defense between the monarch and the many enemies that would love nothing more than to slip a blade between their ribs. In addition to their service as personal guards, the Watchers double as the Rentian Intelligence service. Their spy networks are the most extensive in the world and almost nothing happens without the Watchers seeing.
The Dwarven Archaeological Society

Since the Dwarves’ near-extinction at the hands of the Elves, the dwarves were forced to abandon their ancestral homes to escape the magical plague. In the 500 years since, the Underground network of Dwarven cities has been overrun by dangerous denizens of the deep. The Dwarven Archaeological Society consists of displaced dwarves determined to retake the strongholds of their fathers. Their ranks are mostly Dwarves, but there are many members of other races either sympathetic to the dwarven cause or interested in what loot might have been forgotten in the Dwarven exodus. Unsurprisingly, the only race not accepted into the society are Elves.

Imperial Vanguard

The Elite forces of the Elven Empire. Their training is an ancient blend of magic and martial training. These are the forces that deployed the magical plague that decimated the dwarves. They are master assassins, employing stealth, magic and good old-fashioned steel. They are selected and trained from birth to carry out the will of the Imperial council.

Notable Factions

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